Low Voltage 3-Phase Asynchronous Motor with Demagnetizing Brake

Short Description:

Model #: 63-280 (Cast Iron housing); 71-160 (Alum. Housing).

Brake motors are suitable for equipment where quick and safe stops and accurate load positioning are required. Braking solutions allow synergy in the production process providing agility and safety. This motor designed to provide as IEC60034-30-1:2014.

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Standard Features

Power: 0.18-90 kW (1/4HP- 125HP).
Frame: 63-280 (Cast Iron housing); 71-160 (Alum. Housing).
Mounting size & Electronic performance meet the IEC Standard.
Brake with Hand releasing.
Brake type: braking without electricity.
Braking power is supplied by rectifier of terminal box.

Below H100: AC220V-DC99V.
Over H112: AC380V-DC170V.
Quick braking time (connection & disconnection time = 5-80 milliseconds).
Braking of loads on the driving shaft.
Braking of rotating masses to reduce any lost-time.
Braking operations to increase the set-up precision.
Braking of machine parts, according to safely rules.

Optional Features

IEC Metric Base- or Face-Mount.
Hand releasing: Lever or Bolt.

Typical Applications

Ac brake motors are suitable for the machinery that requires prompt braking, correct positioning, repeat running, frequent starting and avoiding slipping, such as the elevating machinery, transportation machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, weaving machinery and reducers etc.

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