Allwin hot sale 375W bench grinder 150mm with wheel dressing tool

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Model #: HBG625L

375W Allwin hot sale 150mm bench grinder with flexible work light, magnifier eyeshield & wheel dressing tool for workshop. Wheel dressing tool for cleaning and reshaping the grinding wheels between uses. Stored on the top of the grinder when not in use.

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ALLWIN 6-inch bench grinder helps resuscitate old worn down knives, tools and bits, saving you time and money. It revives all of your tools back to their sharp original state.


1. Streamlined double shield motor
2. Includes water cooling tray and wheel dressing tool
3. Includes adjustable work rest
4. Targeted for hobby to professionals


1. Powerful 370W induction motor for constant speed
2. Two grinding wheels with grain size K36 and K60 and 150 mm diameter
3. Adjustable spark protection on both grindstones
4. Adjustable workpiece supports
5. Flexible 10 watts light
6. Equipped with grinding wheel dresser

HBG620A Scroll Saw pro (1)




220 ~ 240V, 50Hz, 375W, 2850RPM;

Motor Shaft Diameter


Wheel Size

150 * 25mm

Work Lamp

10 watts



Logistical Data

Net / Gross weight: 10 / 11 kg
Packaging dimension: 440 x 255 x 290 mm
20” Container load: 960 pcs
40” Container load: 1920 pcs
40” HQ Container load: 2196 pcs

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