CE Approved 200mm bench grinder with flexible working light, wheel dressing tool and coolant tray

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Model #: HBG825L

CE Approved 200mm bench grinder with wheel dressing tool, flexible working light, 3 Times Magnifier and coolant tray.

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1. Unique Wheel Dressing Tool.

2. Cast aluminum housing.

3. Flexible working light.

4. 3 Times Magnifier Shield.

5. Includes cooling tray/tool storage box.

6. CE Approved


1.Adjustable eye shields and spark deflector protect you from flying debris without obstructing you view.

2.Stable cast iron base.

3.Adjustable tool rests extend the life of grinding wheels.

Model: HBG825L
Wheel size: 200*25*15.88mm
Wheel grit: 36# / 60#
Motor speed: 2980rpm
Power: (S1)370W (S2 30min) 550W

Logistical Data

Net / Gross weight: 15 / 16.5 kg
Packaging dimension: 480 x 345 x 325 mm
20" Container load: 560 pcs
40" Container load: 1120 pcs
40" HQ Container load: 1200 pcs

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