20 inch floor standing drill press 12 speed with LED light

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Model #: DP51532F

20 inch floor standing drill press 12 speed with both laser & LED light for professional workshop. Table height is changeable by adjusting the rack and pinion.

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1. 1100W powerful induction motor enough to drill through different application.

2. High Quality Drive Pulley with 12-Speed.

3. Main head is made of cast iron.

4. Rack and Pinion for accurate table height adjustments.

5. Three-spoke feed handle easy to adjust.

6. Inbuilt LED Light and Laser light for accurate works.


1. Inbuild LED Light
To illuminate work space for accurate drilling.

2. Inbuild Laser light
Cross laser guide makes precision drilling possible so that you can get perfect holes.

3. Drilling Depth Adjustment System
To get exact drilling depth as per your demand.

4. Operates at 12 different speeds
Change the speed as per material and drilling depth requirement.

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Logistical Data

Net / Gross weight: 75 / 79 kg
Packaging dimension: 1150 x 643 x 310 mm
20" Container load: 85 pcs
40" Container load: 170 pcs
40" HQ Container load: 190 pcs

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